Turning, Milling

We fabricate components for medical instruments, optical devices, machines and electromechanical devices.

We work with steels, nonferrous metals, and plastics. We use the following metalworking technologies: CNC and conventional milling and turning, thread cutting, drilling machines. Quality is controlled using a cutting-edge measuring device.

  • Odrezavanje, Metrel Mehanika

We fabricate products on 3- and 5-axis machining centres with 0.01 mm precision.

CNC Milling

 • Maximum workpiece size: 1,300 x 700 x 700 mm

CNC Turning

 • Sizes up to 500 mm in diameter, bars up to 65 mm in diameter

Conventional Metalworking Operations

 • Box section cutting,

• Drilling,

• Cutting and

• Thread rolling


 • Product purging

CNC Sliding Head Turning

 • Maximum workpiece size: 20 x 200 mm