Surface protection

We apply electroplating protection and coatings to products for protection against corrosion and a visually attractive finish.

We achieve the highest standard of surface finish as required for end products. We offer a large selection of colours across the entire RAL colour chart.  We develop measurement protocols and provide suitable transportation packaging according to the customers’ specific needs.

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We are responsible to the environment.

Powder Coating

• (pretreatment – phosphate conversion coating) polyester and polyester-epoxy coatings,

• heat-resistant coatings matching the colour chart of choice


• all types of steel and

• aluminium alloys

Workpiece dimensions

• 600 x 1,300 x 2,200 mm, individual items also up to 5,000 mm in length

Liquid coatings

• water-based and solvent-based coatings


• all types of metal and

• plastics

Workpiece dimensions

• 3,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm

Galvanizing – Zinc plating

Basic protection:

• acid zinc

• alkaline zinc

Added protection:

• thick-layered passivation

• black passivation

• blue passivation

Zinc plating  is carried out using drums or hanging brackets

Max. product size: 700 mm x 1,100 mm x 2,200 mm

Electroplating of Aluminium

 Protection types: colourless anodizing, black anodizing, chromate conversion coating

Max. product size: 400 x 500 x 1,100 mm

Special electroplating protection

Protection types: bright nickel plating, cold bluing.

• passivation of copper and copper alloys,

• electropolishing of stainless materials

Zinc plating  is carried out using drums or hanging brackets

Max. product size: 400 mm x 550 mm x 700 mm


• Screen printing,

• Pad printing (Tampography)