We manufacture top-quality metal end-product street furniture with high added aesthetic value.

During product development, our design engineers work closely with well-established product designers. We are very proud to have our street furniture installed throughout the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

Outdoor litter bin: Koško

Made from quality structural steel and corrosion-proofed. The bin’s circular base is weighed down for improved stability. The upper part features a wire hoop for attaching a plastic bag. This product is vandal-proof and built to withstand the elements. .

Basic specifications

Volume (V) 200 l 100 l
Bin height (H) 1020 mm 810 mm
Bin diameter (D) 510 mm 410mm

Koško with ashtray
The ashtray features a triangular key security lock. The ashtray can be pulled out for easier emptying and cleaning.

Koško with ashtray and lid
A lid can be mounted onto the litter bin to prevent birds from pulling out the waste. Built into the ashtray, the security lock prevents the lid from being opened or removed. The litter bin is ideal for parks and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor litter bin: Miško

Made from stainless steel sheet metal with a smooth finish, this litter bin is built to withstand the elements and is resistant to road salt. The lid features an ashtray with a cigarette extinguisher tray. The bin can be anchored to the ground or attached to poles of various diameters. The door and ashtray come with a built-in security lock.

Basic specifications:

Volumen / Izvedba 120 l / free-standing 90 l / free-standing 50 l / free-standing 50 l / pole- or wall-mounted
Height (H) 1035 mm 985 mm 985 mm 835 mm
Width (W) 400 mm 360 mm 320 mm 320 mm
Length (L) 570 mm 550 mm 530 mm 530 mm


This bench was designed and developed entirely by Metrel Mehanika. It is made from quality steel and protected against corrosion. The bench legs come with eyelets for secure anchoring to the ground. It can be cleaned using conventional, environment-friendly cleaning agents. It is sturdy and built to withstand the elements.

Basic specifications:

Height 881 mm
Width 630 mm
Length 1850 mm